When I was around seven years old I realized my love for cars and started my collection of slot cars and hot wheels. In my boy’s world there was nothing better than spending the day playing in the garage with my slot cars and racing them on the track.

My teenage years were spent with my dad learning the techniques of selling a vehicle. During that time I learned communication skills which I use every day.

At sixteen years old my first real car was a 1968 Oldsmobile 442; then on to my “Yellow” 1931 Ford Coupe. When I found the Ford, the body and frame were chained to a tree in Oak Cliff. I built the Ford into an awesome car, and from then on I was hooked; the four wheel machine became my passion.

I have been given the artistic ability to look at a rusted heap of metal and visualize it as a beautiful proud vehicle once again. With my good friends help and support, we make it happen.

I am so blessed to be able to work every day with the cars that I love!

Thank you!